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December 28, 2012 | Epoch Moments | Epoch Moments

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy’s assault on the east coast was a devastating occasion—unusual in intensity and damage.  We are grateful that our friends were minimally impacted, and our hearts go out to those who were affected.

Prior to the storm we sent our friends a quick note letting them know we were thinking of them and their wellbeing.  We received several replies about “Epoch Moments” people experienced during and after Sandy, and we’d like sharing them with you.

Message from Liz and Bill Armstrong, and Team Epoch:
“We wanted to let ya’ll know you are in our thought as Sandy makes her way toward the East Coast.  We hope her impact is more hype than reality, and Sandy has little, if any, impact on you.
This week we experienced a 5.3 magnitude earthquake and then a coastal storm blew through the Central Coast- the same low-pressure system.  We lit a fire at the York Mountain farmhouse, opened a bottle of 2009 Estate Blend, and weathered what nature brought our way. 

From all of us at Epoch, please be safe, stay home, and uncork a bottle of your favorite Epoch wine!”

Responses from our Epoch friends and family:
--“We will open that bottle right now!!”
--“...it is blowing a bit right now and expect it to get much worse before it is over...  ’09 Estate Blend... well, I do have a fire going as well but since I just received the ’10 (don’t have ’09) I have to wait until next year’s hurricanes....”
-- “As it happens, we also used a bottle of Estate Blend on Sunday night to go with my wife’s fabulous pork stew.  Good meal, good wine and we listened to the wind blow.”
--“Funny you should mention the Estate Blend.  We opened the 2010 to have with dinner!  It was bold and lengthy, very powerful – what we love about Epoch wines.”
-- “I am taking your sage advice as I watch Monday Night Football!”
--“We did crack some Authenticity with our neighbors downstairs and it got rave reviews.  I’m sure you’re shocked.”
--“No time for wine – after I can get the generator tapped into the well pump.  Gotta shower so I smell the wine & not me. ;o)”
--“We are safe, though we do not have power and probably won’t for a while.  On another note, we are planning a visit to your area in March and we are hoping to visit.”
--“Goslings Dark N’ Stormys were the call instead of wine today.”
--“The case of wine is stored safely in our wine cellar awaiting an evening of calm.  But then again power out for another 8 days!  A great chance to drink a fine wine by candlelight!”


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