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July 4, 2012 | Epoch Moments | Epoch Moments

Birthday Gift!

Jacque Bowman

This is a story about my 50th birthday and a gift of Epoch wine when I couldn't remember who gave it to me! 

The picture is me in my party costume and theme of my 50th... "RED SOLO CUP"...even though I was drinking wine in a red solo cup... with a fluffy red feather wine wrapper...

I opened up my presents the day after my 50th birthday party (that I asked for "no gifts" at the local vet's hall)...I wrote on the wine bottles and most presents who they were from.

A couple of months later I drank a bottle of the 09' Epoch Estate Blend...and thoroughly enjoyed it...and then I was wondering..."Who gave this to me? ? ?"   I wrote on most of the bottles who gave me the gift...but not this one.  So I decided to be bold and put this update out on Facebook, "Just enjoyed a great bottle of Epoch...soooo good, and this is kind of embarrassing...but I'm not sure who gave it to me at my 50th birthday party, are you out there on Facebook?"  I was kind of paranoid that someone might be either offended or didn't even see the post on Facebook...and within 15 minutes a post came back from my friend, Jimmy, who said, "That was me, JB, so glad you enjoyed the Epoch, love that stuff, you can only get it in their tasting room in Paso."

Now THAT was an Epoch moment. . .

 Jacque Bowman

Pleasanton, CA




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