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July 22, 2015 | Epoch's Blog | Kyle Gingras

So about that July Rain we just had...

We still cannot believe it all...let alone in July!  I read this morning that this rain event totalled more rain than all Julys together since 1894 in Paso Robles!!!  

A few people have asked how this unexpected and unseasonable storm affected our vines.  A great question...  

First of all, regardless of how unexptected this was, we are stoked about this rain and the goodness it brings to the vines and the soils, and frankly, it was pretty awesome to witness such a rarity in California!  

Regarding potential concerns associated with all that rain...Our main concern from the rain was the opportunity of bunch rot (Botrytis) to develop from the free standing water within the clusters of fruit. Luckily following the wet weather, temperatures have been warm and the winds kicked in to help dry up the canopies and fruit from this moisture quite rapidly. Luckily, we are also just coming into veraison (color change), which means there is not much sugar available for the rot to get a hold of, sugar being the second key ingredient for the growth of rot after water. For us, if this event had come a little later down the road, it could have been bad news for this vintage, but thankfully, it is now super breezy and cool out there which should mean more positives vs negatives due to the rain for this vintage. It's amazing outside right now!

Check out our green and happy Catapult Vineyard...

Check out the veraison at Catapult...



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