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February 4, 2015 | Epoch Moments | Epoch Moments

Resurrected Treasures from the York Mountain of Yesterday

As everyone knows, we cherish our Paderewski and York Mountain links to the past, and we feel so blessed to be stewards of these amazing pieces of properties that were once loved by these great people.  Steve and Terry Mullinnix shared the below story about a trip to York Mountain that we consider an Epoch Moment.  Technically, Steve did not have his moment when York Mountain was under our care, but we very much consider our York Mountain past an important part of our present.  So cheers to this Epoch Moment, and the beautiful piece of resurrected York Mountain history he cherishes in his home today…

Terry, my wife, and I live in Virginia, and our lisence plate says GRP LVR for Grape Lover.  We travel for wine... California, Europe, Oregan, Washington and all over the USA.  On one California wine trip, we stayed with friends in Cambria and came to what was York Winery at the time.  We bought a case, and wandered on the grounds with a glass.  Terry took my picture under a great sequoia tree and I noticed pieces of a barrel head in the sequoia needles.  I took them into the tasting room and explained that I was a carver and was given the hostess's blessing to take the pieces with me.  

We spent several more weeks in California, in Paso Robles, Lodi, Amador and Solvang.  While in Amador, I took a picture of the Sobon Winery vineyard barn across from the tasting room.  Back in Virginia, I glued the barrel head pieces together, using the patina pattern on the back.  Then I sketched a scene with grape leaves in the foreground and the vineyard and the winery barn.  The final step was the staining.  I finished it in 2010.

Thanks again for good wine travel memories and the barrel head.

I am sure we will wander back your way before too long and in the mean time, we will be drinking good wines,

Steve Mullinnix


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