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October 6, 2014 | Epoch Moments | Epoch Moments

A Shared Passion for Preserving History

As most of you know, we are crazy about preserving history at Epoch.  We will go to great lengths to cherish and highlight the legacies that we have been fortunate enough to inherit through our purchases of Paderewski Vineyard and York Mountain.  Some might even call this passion obsessive.  Upon acquiring Paderewski Vineyard, Liz Armstrong would stalk EBay daily for Paderewski paraphernalia.  Yep, we were those people.  In gathering more and more Paderewski belongings, we hoped to get to know our Epoch forefather a little bit better, while giving others the opportunity to learn about this impressive person whom they may have never heard of before.  Then, of course, there are those who already know Paderewski and understand just how influential this man was in both America’s history and that of his homeland, Poland.  

Dale Albrecht, a dear friend and supporter of Epoch, is one of these people who is well acquainted with our favorite Polish pianist and statesman, and he recently gifted us this priceless painting of the man himself.  Dale’s great uncle completed this portrait in 1927.  We are so thankful for this addition to our Paderewski collection, and we cannot wait to showcase this painting in the historical nook of our future Tasting Room.   We are so appreciative of Dale’s desire and efforts to preserve Paderewski’s legacy and share this story with others.  Thank you, Dale!! 













It is obvious that Dale shares our passion for history, and this has never been more evident than his recent restoration of his 1898 home.  In completing this project, Dale celebrated with a fabulous home-cooked meal and a bottle of 2011 Zinfandel.  We are so thankful he shared this Epoch moment with us, and that this bottle (our ode to Paderewski no less, as he was our inspiration for growing this variety on his original property) of wine was there to make this accomplishment just a little bit more epic.  Thank you, Dale!  

And in case any of you out there reading this want to try and replicate this dinner that looks oh-so-delicious, Dale was kind enough to send us some information on these dishes.  YUMMY!

For appetizers I had:

   Herb crusted hard salami

   1000 day Gouda

   "Mons" Abbey Blonde Belgium inspired ale


For dinner I made:

   -New Potatoes with Caviar

       Baby Red Potatoes, hollowed out and

       steamed until tender. Let cool and fill

       with creme fraiche and garnish with

       caviar and chopped dill.

   -Pan Seared Duck with Raspberries

       Start in a cold pan sear duck breast skin

       down for 10 minutes medium heat, turn

       2 minutes, transfer to a hot pan in a pre

       heated over at 350 degrees. 10 minutes

       remove from oven and let rest under a

       foil cover 5 minutes.

       Use 1 TBS of the rendered duck fat and

       add some sugar. Lightly carmelize. Add

       1 cup raspberries, coat and remove

       from heat. Add 1/4-1/2 cup "good

       bourbon, degraze pan and reduce by 1/2

       add 1/4 - 1/2 cup cream or creme

       fraiche and make sauce. Add 1/2


    -Steamed Broccoli

        Cut into desired size and steam until

        al-dente. Squeeze of lemon and salt

        and pepper to taste.


To serve:

        Cut on a diagonal the duck into 5-6

        medallions. Put some reserved

        raspberries over the duck. Pass

        raspberry bourbon sauce. Arrange

        plate for presentation with duck,

        potatoes (just luke warm) and



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