Lindsey Armstrong
December 4, 2014 | Epoch's Blog | Lindsey Armstrong

Adelaide Levanway's Miraculous Entry into this World...

Today we want to offer a delayed introduction to the newest member of our Epoch team!  Sweet Adelaide Levanway came into the world in an unexpected but quite miraculous fashion on June 5th of this year.  Two days before her birth, her momma, Katelen, our beloved Equine Manager, was making her usual rounds in the our York Mountain Barn, when unexpectedly, Sam, her favorite of the Epoch percherons (I know, I know, we shouldn’t pick favorites, but we are all human, right?? Ü), kicked her in the stomach.  This was both out-of-character and concerning given the fact that she was 27 weeks pregnant.  Immediately Katelen went to the ER to make sure she and her baby were OK.  In completing that ultrasound, her doctor reported no damage from Sam’s kick but discovered something far more worrisome.  Her visit revealed that Katelen had dangerously high blood pressure that was being cause by pre-eclampsia.  As a result, her unborn baby was diagnosed with intrauterine Growth Restriction, IUGR, because not enough blood was being delivered to her.  Katelen went into pre-term labor the night before Adelaide (Ada) was born.  Her blood pressure continued to climb and Ada was not handling the contractions well, so they decided it was time she gave birth.  

Born at only 1 lb and 10 ounces and living her first three months in the NICU, Ada is now as strong and healthy as can be.  Katelen returned to work last week, and we are so thankful to have her smiling face, as well as Ada’s, back on the Mountain.  And above all else, we are so thankful that Sam had the intuition to push Katelen to the hospital that day in June, so she could give birth to her beautiful Ada just in the nick of time. 


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