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June 2, 2016 | Epoch Moments | Epoch Moments

2011 Block B: Large and in Charge

Hey Jordan, 

So when we were there the other day we picked up three magnums. A 10' Authenticity and Block B and a 11' Block B. We have a couple 750 ml of the 11 Block B, but we decided to have a special, special wine night. Our friends that appreciate and know fine wine are moving to Idaho so we bought one of the magnums with the idea of having one more incredible wine night with them. We opened up the 11 Block B and man was it a reason to celebrate. One very incredible wine. Now my wife and I have gone back and forth about which one is our favorite, the 10' Authenticity (which has always been my favorite), Block B or Sensibility, but it is now the 11 Block B. Yes your own wine knocked off your own wine lol.

Not sure when we will see our friends again, but let there me no mistake, your wine has been a big part of our wine nights. And the biggest wine of them all, we got to have with them in what maybe our last wine night.  

Thank you for all that you do. We definitely appreciate you making these incredible wines!!

Jim and Melinda Bush.


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