Meet our Four Legged Friends!



Brix is the Armstrongs’ beloved boxer.  Named after the sugar content of grapes, Brix loves her home away from home in Paso Robles.  Her favorite pastimes include running through the vineyard, jumping over and under trellises, chasing jackrabbits amongst the vines, and spending quality time with her family.  Brixy is a people pleaser, so much so that we are convinced she thinks she is one of us rather than a dog.


Corky, a Maine Coon, is Epoch’s resident Tasting Room cat.  Shortly after the Tasting Room opened in 2011, Corky became a regular visitor to our new York Mountain home, and eventually we adopted him as our own.   Friendlier than your average cat, Corky loves making new friends during Tasting Rooms hours, so don’t be afraid to give him a good belly rub.  Corky loves any and all snacks you want to throw his way, especially cheese.


Levi is the newest cat to find us on York Mountain.  Levi is a Polydactyl Cat, meaning he has extra toes (6 toes on his front feet and 5 on his back feet).  He is an excellent hunter and catches mice, gophers, and lizards regularly.  Tough guy aside, he is a lover of anyone who will spend time with him and keeps all of us highly entertained with his bizarre antics.  It took Corky a few months to get used to the idea of sharing the Mountain with another cat, but now they are feline BFFs. Ü


Jake came to us from Ohio with his buddy, Zeke.  You can’t miss Jake, as he is the largest Percheron in our Epoch herd, and he can often be found trail riding with Liz.  Standing 19 hands high, you wouldn’t think much would startle this 9-year-old alpha-horse veteran, but he is a sissy when it comes to wild turkeys.  However, he does love a crisp apple and warm bath anytime of the year.



Willis was the first Percheron to arrive at Epoch, so he is no stranger to York Mountain. He is 18 hands tall, 5 years old, and our resident red head.  On any given day, Willis can be found strolling the York Mountain property with the Armstrongs, eating peppermints at the barn, or rolling around in the dirt.


Zeke, the smallest of the Epoch Percherons at 17 hands high, loves forging new trails with his buddy, Mark Little.  Zekie traveled to York Mountain with Jake, so those two won’t stop swapping stories about their road trip to Paso. ;)  Although he loves to snack on carrots, he is not a fan of ringing cell phones, so if you want Zeke to like you, please silence your phone before you enter the barn.







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